At Barsotti's Body & Fender Service, your Jaguar will be repaired by Jaguar Land Rover Authorized Aluminum CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS using Jaguar Land Rover tested and approved tools and equipment.

Barsotti's Body & Fender Service is part of the Jaguar Authorized Aluminum Repair Network.

Jaguar quality doesn't stop at the end of the production line. We can't erase the accident, but we can help with the repair.

We've established our relationship with the Jaguar Authorized Aluminum Repair Network, so you know you're getting repair work worthy of carrying the Jaguar name.

Jaguar Authorized Aluminum Repair Center

Our certified shop has gone through exclusive training to meet Jaguar standards.

And only Authorized Aluminum Repair Network shops have access to genuine Jaguar aluminum repair parts, so you can be sure you're getting the parts and service your Jaguar requires to stay in optimal condition.

Advantages of Aluminum

Jaguar engineers adopted the proven construction techniques of the aerospace industry to assemble the aluminum monocoque bodies of the F-Type, XJ and XK models. When joining aluminum pressings, rivet bonding uses self-piercing rivets and epoxy adhesives for strength, robustness and durability.

The body of the XJ is stiffer by 60% and lighter by 40% compared to its previous steel model. The XK is 31% stiffer and also 40% lighter. Being lighter than the equivalent steel bodies, the XJ, XK and F-Type (no equivalent steel body) structures carry significantly less kinetic energy into a collision, reducing the amount of energy that has to be absorbed by the bodies in an accident.

Front and rear crush zones in the body structure progressively absorb crash energy while protecting the integrity of the cabin, and the "tube-in-tube" propshaft features built-in crush properties to absorb collision energy.

With the exclusive Jaguar Land Rover Authorized Aluminum Repair Network, you know your Jaguar is receiving quality collision repair and will be back out on the road in no time. To help ensure the most efficient repair process, each Jaguar retailer is paired with an authorized local repair shop.

Genuine Jaguar Parts

At Barsotti's,  we use genuine Jaguar aluminum repair parts, which carry a Jaguar parts limited warranty*

Certified Technicians

We are staffed with certified technicans and are equipped with Jaguar tested and approved tools and equipment.


What should I do if my Jaguar vehicle requires repair following an accident?

Find a local Authorized Aluminum Repair Network shop using the shop locator.  Or simply call Barsotti's Body and Fender Service (415) 454-5157

What if my Jaguar vehicle is repaired outside of the Authorized Aluminum Repair Network?

Repairs performed by unauthorized repair centers may compromise the integrity of your Jaguar vehicle, reducing its value.

Are there any repairs that independent, non-­certified repair shops can make?

Jaguar does not recommend or encourage collision repairs outside the authorized and trained Authorized Aluminum Repair Network. This includes windshield replacement and any repairs to dings and dents.