Barsotti' Body and Fender Service is  A VW-Certified Collision Repair Facility 

Volkswagen of America has established a VW Certified Collision Repair Facility Program. This program provides VW certification for repair facilities performing repairs in accordance with Volkswagen's high safety standards and specifications. 
Volkswagen of America is offering this program to Volkswagen Dealer-affiliated repair facilities as well as independent Volkswagen Dealer-sponsored repair facilities. This program is dedicated to provide Volkswagen owners involved in a collision the assurance that the brand's safety standards.
Our standards include:
      VW Unibody Alignment and Repair
      VW Approved Fasteners
      VW Recycled parts
      VW Refinish Procedures for Clearcoat Application
      VW Steering Suspension and Axle Parts Replacement
      VW Structural Unibody Component Replacement
      VW Supplemental Airbag Component Replacement
      VW Vehicle Body Sectioning
      VW Wheel Repair and Reconditioning
      VW Wiring Harness 

If you may have any questions regarding repairs, please contact us at (415) 454-5157